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Buying dating profiles can be expensive. A lot of sites offer decent quality dating profiles for sale, but they’re priced so ridiculously high that it’s hard to imagine how a matchmaking website owner would make any money. Instead, we have created some of the highest quality singles database packages at the cheapest prices. We have several packages tailored to niche markets, including gay, adult, fetish, wealthy/millionaire, and geographical areas, such as United States and Europe. We put a whole new spin on dating profiles for sale.

We sell singles databases packages of as little as several dozen thousand to those in the hundreds of thousands While certain packages are priced slightly higher because of rarity (ex: New Zealand males), you’ll find some amazing deals. For example, if you’re interested in a package of singles databases from around the world, you can buy one million (1,000,000) active singles database only $147.00. Considering the amount of sales that the new activity and members that 1,000,000 new profiles will bring to your matchmaking website, $147.00 is an excellent sale !


  • Our databases come from the most popular matchmaking sites in the world. Every person, before entering their data in on one of those popular sites, agreed that they would allow their data to appear on other matchmaking websites. So the use of our database on your matchmaking website is 100% legal.
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What guarantees does Matchmaking Industry Support Services offer?


Matchmaking Industry Support Services’ singles and adult databases include contact details.  We guarantee that at least 95% of profile holders will receive and are likely to respond to active e-mails

Matchmaking Industry Support Services warrants the protection of any purchased  database in the case of damage or malfunction

Matchmaking Industry Support Services also guarantees and protects against third party claims of ownership of  profile related to user rights. We ensure and warrant the protection of our profiles for sale and/or acquired databases against any ownership related liabilities.

We promise to reimburse any costs procured in the defense against third party claims or actions.  We further offer a 100% money back guarantee if we fail to deliver any quantity purchased singles data.



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