How many dating profiles are necessary to buy from to successfully start a new dating website?

If it is for a small country, 1 to 2 states, 1 to 2 cities, then 100,000 dating profiles will be enough.

For a large country such as the United States, buy 1 to 2 million dating profiles are necessary.

If you want to build a world wide site, 3 to 5 million profiles are necessary.

This is because visitors to your site will search for country, state, closest city, gender, age, and “looking for…”. If the total profile numbers are not large, after selecting fields (country, state, city, gender, age, looking for…) the user does not find any interesting profiles, he’ll most likely never come back to your site. A second reason for this is that part of the installed dating profiles can also become a member to enjoy your site. Having more members for your dating website is always better.


We are installing 1 million profiles into USA local dating website.

Visitor/member select city/town, there are over 300 cities with over 100K population, 99% dating members looking for partner 10-50 miles far off

1000000:300= 3300 profiles

Visitor/member select gender: 50/50 males/females – 3300 minus 50% = 1666
Visitor/member select age: 1666 minus 70% = 500
Visitor/member select: “looking for” – ( penpal, friendship, serious relationships, marriage) 500 minus 70%  = 150

User will see 150 profiles visitor/member after selecting preference (country, state, city, gender, age, looking for, from one million profiles)

How many profiles visitor really like ? 5% ? 10% ?

So maximum visitor will find 7 – 15 profiles from one million dating profiles which he will like and try to contact them.